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PLC Shaker Screens: The Shape of the Future

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Our team at PLC is proud to be manufacturing our very own unique Shaker Screens. Okay, so what's so special about these screens? Keep reading to find out more about us and our shaker screens.

The Shaker screens of the Future

Our screens are designed with a unique "1" design. This design increases the open area or working area of a screen panel. The more open area you have the more volume your shaker can handle and will allow to use finer screens to make a finer separation.

The idea behind solids control is to remove as many of the fine solids (sand) generated when drilling. The fine sand or solids will wear out your drilling bit, pumps, pipe, etc. similar to sand paper. Solids control and screening are used to prevent wear and tear on equipment used to pump the mud (chemicals) on a drilling rig.

Click here to learn more about why shaker screens are necessary for drilling.

You can compare a shaker with screen panels to the fuel filter in your car. It removes small particles from your engine oil so your engine does not get damaged. Similarly, our screens remove small particles from the drilling mud. 

Unibody Frame

How is our shaker screen different than others out there? The unibody frame makes the screen panel lighter allowing the shaker to maximize its “g” forces. The unibody also eliminates the top layer from separating.cid16_X_RgAAAAB62iQr2fGFRIwZTxyL6KJ4BwA309bVE35tTYT7qQ88WwQTAAAAAAEJAAA309bVE35tTYT7qQ88WwQTAAABbE2SAAAJ_EABD_fiLC1CVRqMvMrrzFYcl

Many of our competitors bond a perforated sheet metal to a frame. This allows rust to build between the frame and the sheet metal causing premature separation of the layers.

The unibody is made up of one piece that is folded into a frame.

Made in the USA

We are proudly a Veteran Owned and Operated business. 

Untitled design (28)We take pride in providing high quality, expert service and cost effective solutions. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We can manufacture after market screen panels for most major shaker brands. We confidently communicate to our customers, that our screen panels last longer, adhere to the API RP 13 C recommended practice and make a better separation. 

More than just a brand

In the last six months, we’ve hired or consulted with several heavy hitters to bring together the best of the best to develop, design and begin manufacturing.

"If there was one thing I learned while serving in the Marines is to live by 3 simple words:
Honor, Courage, and Commitment… Which is the same way we treat our business and customers, with honor, courage, and commitment." - Toby LeJeune, President, PLC

We are thrilled to announce that we are now manufacturing screen panels right here in Rayne, Louisiana!


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