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Everything You Need To Know About Shaker Screens

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If you've been involved in the oil and gas industry for any length of time, then chances are good that you've heard about Shaker Screens. Shaker screens are used to separate solids from liquids, typically sand or other heavy materials. As an upcoming industry leader, PLC has just what you need.

How Shaker Screens Work

Shakers are used to separate solids from liquids, typically sand or other heavy materials. Shale shaker screens on a shale shaker work by suspending the solid material in fluid and rocking it back and forth until they become separated. The motion of the screen causes particles that have heavier specific gravity than water to separate (like when using centrifuges to recycle water).

Shale Shaker Screens are designed to capture all of the solid particles and allow any excess mud to pass through.

Benefits Of Shaker Screens

Shale Shaker screens offer a number of benefits including: increased production, reduced downtime for maintenance, improved quality control during drilling operations, more accurate measurement readings. In addition to these benefits, shaker screens help with the separation of solids from fluids so that they can be recycled, reused or disposed (solid waste) of easily without affecting other people in your company's operations! Shaker Screens also allow drilling operations to continue even with high turbidity levels.

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How to choose the right shaker screen

When it comes to shale shaker screens, the differences in screen design can have a big impact on what type of shaker you are going to need.

When shaker screens are used in oil and gas drilling, it is important that the fluids inside of them flow easily. To keep fluids from being blocked at the front of your shaker screen, you can widen the weave to allow more liquid to pass through without getting caught on sharp edges or corners. This will also make sure that there aren’t any unwanted solids getting through the shaker screen.

In general, shakers screens come in two different designs: needle and woven wire mesh. Most shaker screens are made with a needle design because it is easier to weave finer meshes of needles together than using thick metal wires. However, if you need larger holes for shaker screens in shakers that are going to be used for heavy solids, you’ll need a woven wire mesh.

If you want to learn more about how shaker screens work and what their various designs mean for different types of shakers, we're here to help.

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